The CNS project aims to develop a whole-of-school approach to addressing some key challenges to providing equitable, quality education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

On these pages you will find a variety of resources that underpin our approach ⎼ including outcomes from the Aboriginal Voices Project which articulate the challenges schools and communities face.

Peer reviewed papers

Aboriginal cultural educators teaching the teachers: mobilising a collaborative cultural mentoring program to affect change

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Decolonising Indigenous education: the case for cultural mentoring in supporting Indigenous knowledge reproduction

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The impact of Learning from Country on teachers’ understandings of place and community: insights from the Culturally Nourishing Schooling project

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Aboriginal Community-led Preservice Teacher Education: Learning from Country in the City  

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Pathways to progress? – collective conscientisation and progressive school reform in Aboriginal education

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Sovereign and pseudo-hosts: The politics of hospitality for negotiating culturally nourishing schools

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Towards an Australian model of culturally nourishing schooling

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Rhetoric vs Reality: The Disconnect between Policy and Practice for Teachers Implementing Aboriginal Education in their Schools

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Educators engaged in curriculum work: Encounters with relationally responsive curriculum practices

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Transforming schooling practices for First Nations learners: culturally nourishing schooling in conversation with the theory of practice architectures

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Decolonising schooling practices through relationality and reciprocity: embedding local Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom 

M Bishop, G Vass, K Thompson (2019) 

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