Our Research

Our research methodologies

We employ a mixed methods approach to data collection.

Large-scale quantitative data from teachers about their experiences are collected via an online survey. Broad-scope qualitative data is collected from teachers, principals, community members, Elders, and other support staff is collected via a semi-structured interview/yarning approach to guided professional development through Learning on Country, theoretical discussions, and applied methodologies.

Our researchers draw on a range of First Nations and non-Indigenous methodologies to analyse data and present key findings. 

  • To what extent do the CNS professional learning strategies impact teachers' professional knowledge and pedagogic capacity? 
  • What strategies are seen to support the development of productive and sustained educative partnerships between schools and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? 
  • In what ways do the CNS strategies ⎼ separately and collectively  impact the schooling experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students?
  • Establish a model of professional learning that improves teachers’ knowledge and professional practice. 
  • Use evidence-based strategies to support sustained educative partnerships toward improved outcomes. 
  • Evaluate a responsive model of culturally nourishing pedagogy and curriculum. 
  • Develop professional resources for teachers that centre Indigenous knowledges, practices and aspirations in curriculum and pedagogy to support the implementation of the CNS model.