Blak Caucus

Our Blak Caucus has been established to prioritise Aboriginal community collaboration and guidance on the project. It consists of Aboriginal cultural leads from our eight participating schools.

Working in conjunction with the Blak Caucus team, a Cultural mentoring program is designed to localise and provide explicit truths and examples in re-shaping content resources and teacher perspectives.

Blak Caucus member
Blak Caucus 2024

Cultural Leadership at grassroots

Our Cultural Mentors play a vital role in teaching staff to embed cultural knowledges and perspectives into teaching and learning and in driving whole-of-school change to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The Blak Caucus voice is a powerful grassroots network of expertise, knowledge, and advocacy. They work closely together with their local schools and Aboriginal communities establishing and emphasizing the importance of relationships and cultural connections.

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