Increasing capacity and connection to deliver best practice

The CNS Leadership Hub is an opportunity for our Blak Caucus, Principals and other CNS school leaders to come together and share their experiences of leading CNS in their communities, offering collegial support, and making invaluable connections.

They engage in a range of activities, including professional conversations and leadership events, which focus on sharing leadership practice, offering collegial support and further developing leadership capabilities.

Our Blak Caucus has been established to prioritise Aboriginal community collaboration and guidance on the project. It consists of Aboriginal cultural leads from our eight participating schools. Working in conjunction with the Blak Caucus team, a Cultural mentoring program is designed to localise and provide explicit truths and examples in re-shaping content resources and teacher perspectives.

“I am constantly inspired and learning from our incredible Blak Caucus members," said CNS Community Facilitator Julie Welsh.

“It is so important that we have our Aboriginal leaders and principals at the same table to hear from each other and start putting into practice changes that will be good for Aboriginal children, and for all students.”

Dr Claire Golledge is a Lecturer in Education and a CNS researcher at Alexandria Park Community School. She is leading research into the impact of the CNS Leadership Hub.

“We want our schools to think of new ways of doing schooling that work for positive outcomes for all their students, but the Aboriginal students and families in particular. The

Leadership Hub is there to support our schools on their journey towards engaging in that micro treaty work that looks different in every school community,” she said.

Leadership day at La Perouse
Leadership day at La Perouse

We were privileged to be welcomed by the La Perouse community for our CNS Leadership Hub meeting in December 2023, where guest speakers included Biripi woman and principal at Briar Road Public School, Tammy Anderson.

In June, our Blak Caucus and Leadership Hub will meet on Bundjalung Country at Tweed River High School.

“The ultimate goal of the Culturally Nourishing Schooling Leadership Hub is to support our communities to work towards agreements or micro treaties with their communities,” Dr Golledge.

“Different CNS schools are at different stages of the experience. We have schools that are a bit further down the track sharing their knowledge and insights. They're all engaging in the CNS strategies. So, they have that commonality of purpose of all wanting that same outcome.”